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About the Oxford Entrepreneurs Network (OEN)

The Oxford Entrepreneurs Network (OEN) launched in 2018 to take global the very successful Oxford Entrepreneurs of the Bay (OE of the Bay) alumni group, which started in the San Francisco Bay Area. The OEN now comprises close to 2000 members around the globe and is growing rapidly.

In 2019 the University of Oxford recognized the Oxford Entrepreneurs Network (OEN) as an accredited alumni organization. The OEN was founded to foster community and offer networking opportunities to Oxonians interested in the startup world. 

The OEN is formed of regional chapters, including the original OE of the Bay. Each OEN chapter has its own local members and meeting format, sharing content with the global OEN network. Monthly OEN meetings usually have a speaker (such as a VC, industry expert or successful founder) and two entrepreneurs, who present their pitches to seek funding and assistance. Oxonians from around the world stop by to join meetings and offer their expertise and connections.

Since its initial launch in 2015, the OE of the Bay chapter has grown to over 400 members, 30-50 of whom meet monthly. In 2019, OEN launched new chapters in New England, DC, and NY. In 2020, new OEN chapters have launched in LA and in London. These regions represent 70% of US venture capital activity and the center of UK venture capital activity.

To keep up-to-date on chapter meetings around the globe please join the OEN LinkedIn group and also subscribe for email updates. 

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Our Mission

  • To build a global community of innovative Oxonians
  • To advance the profile of Oxford in the entrepreneurial universe
  • To leverage our collective experience as a highly supportive and active network for entrepreneurs in return for the opportunities we have enjoyed, thanks to our Oxford years

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